Tax Services in Phoenix, AZ

No one should have to pay more taxes than actually required. It takes more planning and preparation than you realize to ensure that you do not overpay. You must have specific skills and knowledge to understand how taxes work.

At Eagle Eye Tax & Accounting Services, we talk with you to understand your personal and business situation so we can identify the places where we can reduce your tax burden.

We offer the skills and experience to navigate a wide variety of tax services to meet your needs.

Business Tax

Eagle Eye Tax & Accounting Services delivers a holistic and coordinated approach to complex tax issues. Business Tax subject matter and industry specialists provide services relevant to the multiple jurisdictions and countries where you do business. We will assist you with your global tax challenges and help you to transform your tax department and to create greater impact for your organization. Our spectrum of business tax services are relevant for private companies, and range from tax planning to tax compliance, controversy and risk management, including research and development, government incentives, and tax management consulting.

International Tax

We will provide you with professional advice to help you limit your tax liability when it comes to overseas transactions. International taxes have specific requirements depending on the country in mind. We can work with both in and outbound tax transactions. Each country has specific tax treaties that need to be analyzed in order to calculate your lowest tax liability. Our experts will coordinate the preparation of United States federal, state, and local income tax returns. We can work with United States permanent residents living abroad, as well as foreign nationals residing in the United States. We will provide complete and accurate services that will take into account any foreign tax credits, income exclusions, tax treaties, etc. We have international tax consultants to help you navigate the tax laws for international transactions.

Personal Tax

With the everchanging tax law, let Eagle Eye Tax & Accounting Services take the worry out of this mundane tax. We can provide a personalized approach to your individual income tax needs. We are the only resource you need. We handle income tax, kiddie tax, estate tax, stock options planning, and much more.

Tax Accounting

Financial accounting and income tax reporting change all the time. We can help you stay ahead of those changes because we focus on tax law changes which can include reporting considerations. In addition, we have a strong understanding of tax disclosures, compressed close cycles, and organizational needs.

State and Local Tax

Each state has its individual and corporate income tax rules. We not only provide tax services in Phoenix, Cave Creek, Scottsdale & Surrounding areas, but we also service all 50 states. We have the staff, expertise, and ability to work with you regardless of your location. Often our clients have personal and business dealings in multiple states and therefore require multi-state tax reporting. Each state has different tax laws. In order to compute your lowest tax liability, your company will want an eagle's eye to keep money in your pocket. No matter what tax needs you have, contact us to see how we can help you. We know everything there is to know about various types of taxes so that we can get you the best results.