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At Eagle Eye Tax & Accounting Services, we understand just how frustrating – not to mention time-consuming – income tax preparation can be. The United States tax code changes on a seemingly regular basis, growing more and more complicated all the time. Things get exponentially more difficult if you’re self-employed or are an independent contractor, as you would be if you were a participant in the “gig economy”, like Uber and Lyft drivers. In that scenario, you may need to pay taxes throughout the year or face various late fees and penalties as a result.

Personal Accounting From Eagle Eye Accounting

Rather than trying to handle all of this on your own, let the personal tax accountant professionals at Eagle Eye handle it all on your behalf. Our tax preparation services in Phoenix are second-to-none. They include features like:

  • We can pick up, fax or email all of your tax-related documents through our secure client platform for review. At this point, you’ll also schedule an appointment with one of our personal tax accountant professionals, so we can go over everything together. This can be done in person or virtually.


  • We’ll fill out both your state and federal returns using all information that is available to us, maximizing deductions and making sure that you’re getting every last credit afforded to you along the way.


  • We will also personally review each return not only for the sake of completeness, but to guarantee maximum accuracy as well.

Throughout the year we offer help with tax planning. We will be as proactive as possible about what you’re paying and, more importantly, what you aren’t throughout the year. This includes taking into consideration things like your retirement plan, employment taxes, medical expenses and more.

This is in addition to our personal accounting services, which allow us to devise a financial strategy that is customized with you in mind. Thanks to our remote software, we can also do this from anywhere, at any time and on any device with an active Internet connection. We provide personal accounting services not only throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Cave Creek area, but also throughout the 50 states. With our secure networks and technology, we are able to work with clients remotely, regardless of their location. Call to set up an appointment today!

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