Tax Consulting Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Every business needs professional tax consulting and help. It’s normal because the tax structure is outrageously complicated. That might hold more true in the education space than anywhere else, and Eagle Eye Accounting Services offers a range of services that are especially helpful in this industry.

Special Education Finance

One specialized CPA service we offer is special education finance consultation. We can aid schools in securing funds designated for special education purposes, and we can provide full accounting services for special education departments.

Attendance Accounting

When it comes to education, attendance is tied to many funds. With an attendance accounting consultation, we’ll explain best practices that help secure better funding for the place of learning to ensure students have what they need.

One easy example is that we advise using attendance records from early in the semester when attendance numbers are usually at their highest.

Budget Preparation and Review

Comprehensive budget preparation and review services can go as in-depth as you like over as many records as you deem sufficient. We can prepare budgets and reviews for individual departments or entire education districts. It’s all available.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the documentation and presentation resources necessary to present your budget and pass your review.

Business Start-Up

Outside the strict realm of education consultation, we also offer business start-up services. We can help you explore funding options, measure your capital, prepare funding pitches, and build a budget out of everything you currently have.

Our tax consulting services in Scottsdale can also help you design your business in a way that optimizes tax structure.

Get Help From Eagle Eye

No matter the business or institution, when you need CPA services, Eagle Eye has you covered. We’ll provide the full range of services needed to set up your business or organization, optimize your accounting, and get the most from government programs and opportunities.

From Business tax consulting to audits, we do it all. Contact us today, and we’ll show you exactly how much you can gain when you partner with the right CPA.