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Eagle Eye Tax & Accounting’s services extend to tax audit representation. If your business receives notice of an IRS audit, don’t panic. Reach out to Eagle Eye for tax audit representation and you’ll receive the benefit of a dedicated team member who will work hard to protect your money. We understand an IRS audit is a difficult period of your life. Lean on us during these challenging times and you’ll sleep soundly knowing you are properly represented while under the government’s microscope.

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If you are like most business owners, independent contractors and executives, you haven’t had the time nor the will to develop an extensive understanding of tax law. The IRS expects every last detail of your tax return and that pertaining to your business to be in full accordance with the idiosyncratic rules of tax law. Fail to fulfill the requirements of the IRS as well as its auditors and you’ll be stuck with a massive tax bill that has the potential to bust your budget or decimate your business.

Business owners and other professionals tend to be self-reliant as they are self-starters. However, the DIY (do it yourself) approach isn’t wise in the context of tax audits. If you or your business are audited by the IRS, do not assume you will be able to provide all of the requested documentation and make a convincing argument on your own. Instead, lean on the professionals for guidance and you’ll have top-notch, detail-intensive IRS audit representation that safeguards the money you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Part of the appeal of tapping into Eagle Eye Tax & Accounting Services for tax audit representation is the fact that we handle communication with representatives of the federal government. You will be liberated to focus on your business, your career and your family as opposed to the details of the IRS audit. Notify our team of the audit, provide us with the relevant information, and we will represent you throughout the entirety of the process.

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